The Whiddon Group Aged Care

The Whiddon Group Aged Care

Precise Air provides PPM and ad hoc maintenance services to 19 Whiddon Group facilities throughout regional and metropolitan NSW.

Awarded the Better Practice 2012 Award for Emergency preparedness, response and recovery strategy, The Whiddon Group have developed a comprehensive plan that takes into consideration the needs and unique requirements of each individual facility. These plans include contingencies from loss of utilities due to extreme and prolonged weather events to more localised incidents.

Over 1400 assets are maintained and tracked via our asset tracking system and TSM software, ensuring that we continue to optimise and deliver peak performance to each of the facilities in the most cost-effective way possible.

Client satisfaction is evidenced by our success in renewing this contract twice since 2007.

Maintenance, monitoring and optimisation of over 1400 mechanical assets across NSW

Contracted services:
• Emergency Service
• Asset Management
• Essential Services
• Duct / filter cleaning
• Client web portal
• Eco efficient solutions

  • Client The Whiddon Group
  • Date 2007
  • Tags Health

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