Microsoft Australian Headquarters

Microsoft Australian Headquarters

Internationally, Microsoft’s Workplace Advantage (WPA) program has transitioned from a traditional cellular structure to an ‘activity based’, dynamic organisation, reconfiguring their workspaces to support this change.

Precise Air was contracted to complete the refurbishment of the four floor, 10,000sqm headquarters while it was fully occupied.

A staging plan incorporated the removal and replacement or recommissioning of existing equipment and the installation of new equipment.

In some cases, temporary air conditioning was required to maintain comfortable working conditions during office hours while systems were being replaced.

A staged approach ensured consistent, high quality air conditioned workspace during the transformation of Microsoft’s Australian Headquarters

The scope of works included:

• modification of base building systems to suit the revised tenant layout
• 33 water cooled package units to various meeting, conference, breakout and boardrooms throughout the 4 floors
• Upgrade of BMS to reflect all additional systems and changes
• complete building fire testing and inspection
• new tenant exhaust systems and outside sir systems
• condenser water management strategy
• new condenser water pipework to suit new packaged A/C units

  • Client Microsoft
  • Date 2012
  • Tags Commercial

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