Hyperdome upgrades

Hyperdome upgrades

Precise Air undertook the first of 5 major plant upgrades (SR-1) in 2014. Since then we have completed two other upgrades (SR2 and SR4), with SR-5 now underway.

All projects were carried out in a ‘live’ environment. During the replacement of major air conditioning plant it was imperative that QIC and their tenants were satisfied with temperature conditions and comfort levels for their customers.

The SR projects included decommissioning and removing major refrigerant plant and replacing with new chilled water plants including new Powerpax chillers, pumps, and chilled water loop.

They also included removing the heat exchangers, installing new balance lines for the cooling towers and refurbishing them to their new condition.

  • Client QIC
  • Date February 27, 2020
  • Tags Projects, Retail