Hunter Medical Research Institute

Hunter Medical Research Institute

The HMRI building is a critical 24/7 research facility that holds a vast array of Specialised and Prototype Chemicals, Research drugs, Medical equipment, Experimental research and data all of which require critical air conditioning parameters to ensure a consistent environment.

We provide DA19 Maintenance to mechanical assets excluding chillers, heating water boilers, steam boilers.

Particular focus is on a range of parameters including a combination of room air pressures, temperature, humidity, air exchanges, exhaust flow rates and fresh air rates.

The team also manages minor projects and assists the HMRI team to improve processes associated with FM team operation, sub contractor co-ordination, job raising and allocation and improving operation of the CAFM web tool.

The Precise Air team are fully integrated with the HMRI team, participating in charity fundraisers including donating their time for Tradies for a Cause and other charity events.

  • Client HMRI
  • Date February 27, 2020
  • Tags Health, Service

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