Greenwood Plaza

Greenwood Plaza

Constructing eco efficient solutions to provide for multiple needs

Greenwood Plaza is positioned in the heart of North Sydney, with over 30 retail stores, a supermarket, the local medical centre and Sydney’s most loved restaurants.

Mirvac is a leader in sustainability in the retail sector and expects the same from their supply chain. The implementation of the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations within the Plaza’s carpark demonstrates the wayboth Mirvac and the Plaza aim to educate and encourage sustainable living.

Precise Air takes pride in their sustainable services and aim to increase energy efficiency where possible.

Our focus on this portfolio was to construct eco efficient solutions to provide for the multiple needs of this leading shopping centre.

We operated on the Plaza’s energy consumption levels to ensure the centre is meeting environmental requirements as well as the needs of the shoppers.

The scope of works includes:

  • MFE services
  • Emergency service
  • BMS
  • Asset management
  • System upgrade
  • Client web portal
  • Eco efficient solutions
  • Multiskilled MFE technicians
  • Client Mirvac
  • Date 2017
  • Tags Retail

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