190 Edward St Brisbane

190 Edward St Brisbane

Chiller Plant Replacement (PowerPax) and mechanical upgrade

Precise Air were contracted to work closely with the Mechanical consultant and the building owner to provide the best solution and equipment to improve the building’s energy efficiency and performance.
The replacement works were carried out whilst the building was fully tenanted. This required the majority of the project to be completed during after hours so that there were no interruptions to the buildings temperature conditions or day to day operations.
To safely replace the major mechanical equipment in the rooftop plant room, two crane lifts were required after hours as it involved road closures to Edward St.

The scope of works included:

  • replacing two DX compressor sets with one new two stage water cooled PowerPax chiller
  • refurbishing the existing cooling tower including removal of the DX coils and installing a new tower fan and fill
  • installing a new CHW buffer tank due to the small CHW loop in the plant room
  • installing a new mechanical services board in the main rooftop plant room
  • upgrading the existing BMCS throughout the building which included tenant after hours operation and various energy meters to aid with monitoring greater energy efficiencies
  • removing the existing DX coils from the AHU and installing new CHW coils.
  • Client Knight Frank
  • Date 2013
  • Tags Commercial

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