130 George Street Parramatta

130 George Street Parramatta

Precise Air worked closely with DEXUS and Intelle Building Services, to complete a NABERS upgrade to 130 George Street, Parramatta. The construction team :
•    inspected and audited the existing base building systems
•    prepared an equipment and controls upgrade strategy that maximised energy efficiency and ROI
•    recommissioned or replaced systems according to the strategy
•    upgraded the chillers with more efficient technology
•    prepared a Precise Performance Management Plan.
Precise Air’s maintenance team now conducts a quarterly building tuning service to ensure that all NABERS targets continue to be met.

Precise Air’s engineering team delivered a NABERS upgrade that continues to track on target

The scope of works included:
•    repairing damage to flex, fire dampers, dampers, VAVs, grilles, stats, valves and controls
•    replacing existing low load chiller with new PowerPax chiller, dismantling it before reassembling in the roof plantroom
•    removing existing pneumatic system and associated compressors
•    upgrading OZtech BMS system and control strategies
•    installing CO monitoring system in the carpark
•    installing VSDs to all mechanical motors over 1.5Kw
•    checking and calibrating all VAVs
•    recommissioning all AHUs, pumps, chillers, fans and boilers
•    completing building fire testing and inspection.

  • Client DEXUS
  • Date 2012
  • Tags Commercial

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